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A range of air compressors, dryers, low-pressure blowers, nitrogen generation systems, piping, accessories and service solutions.

Your Home for Compressed Air and Gas Products, Parts, and Service Atlas Copco Compressors combines world-class compressor, gas generator, low-pressure blower, industrial cooling, and quality air products with a nationwide service network to provide you with all of your air and gas needs.

Air DryersIf you’re compressing air, there’s a good chance you’re going to need an air dryer! Air dryers are ancillary pieces of compressed air equipment used to help remove excess moisture from compressed air. Dryers can either be integrated into the air compressor itself or standalone, though having an integrated dryer does result in a decreased compressor footprint.

  • Refrigerated Dryers. This type of dryer cools the compressed air, which allows a large amount of water to condensate and separate. Refrigerant dryers are the most common dryer technology.
  • Desiccant Dryers. With a desiccant dryer, moist compressed air flows over hygroscopic material (desiccant) and is subsequently dried. These dryers are ideal for applications requiring extremely dry, clean air – including pharmaceutical and chemical.

FiltersCompressed air filters are necessary to ensure the quality of compressed air. They work to remove contaminants from the compressed air, including particles, water and oil vapor, and aerosols.

Industrial air compressors are long term investments that will play a significant part of your business for years to come. The average factory changes industrial air compressors every 7-10 years, meaning that the initial capital expenditure is only a fraction of how much your compressor will cost you in total. It may surprise you to find out that 70% or more of your air compressor’s lifecycle cost will come down to its energy usage. Atlas Copco industrial air compressors have the lowest total cost of ownership, owing to ever-improving design and unmatched, energy efficient variable speed drive motors. That all adds up to a significantly reduced bottom line for you and your factory.